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Operation Productive Deployment

Last week, I shared some of my many thoughts when it comes to deployment. It’s safe to say that all of those are still swirling around in my head throughout the day. But one that stays at the forefront of my mind more often than not is that I want to be more productive this time around. Doing more, seeing more, accomplishing more…that could very well be my mantra for the upcoming months.

Nothing motivates me more than a checklist so I’ve put together a list of a few of my goals for while A is gone.

I think I’m probably the most excited about catching up on our scrapbooks. I have some of our second year together, our honeymoon and our third year up until present day to complete so I know that putting those pages together and re-living some of the fun will keep me busy for quite a few days.

I officially signed up for a half marathon in October and hit the ground running (pardon the pun) this month. I’m equally parts nervous and looking forward to running this race by myself.  I completed my first half with A by my side and always felt that he carried me emotionally for large parts of it. Proving to myself that I can do it alone will be good for my confidence.

Other goals are also meant to push me outside of my comfort zone which I hope will proactively break up the rut I got into last year.  Also, won’t A be surprised when I have all these new recipes in my dinner arsenal?!

What things do you do to push yourself out of your comfort zone?

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