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“Open When” Care Package

open when military care package

Y’all. I have been aching to share this with you since about 45 seconds after I sealed the last envelope, but I had to wait until A was gone so I didn’t ruin the surprise for him!

But now…now I can unveil the very first care package of the 2015 deployment season! (That totally sounds as if I was showing off some sort of fancy care package line during Fashion Week. Don’t worry, there won’t be any awkward posing or catwalks.)

I am never sure what A’s mail situation will be like so I always like to send something with him when he leaves. Last year, I sent a date book that had a little message written on each day.  Some were funny, some were sweet and some were just goofy. He loved it and so I had to think long and hard what I was going to do to top it.

Then the “Open When” box idea came to me.  Inside the box (orange because of course), there are envelopes filled with funny notes or pictures or cute little sayings based on a specific situation.

I used a photo storage box from AC Moore (similar here) and a mix of blank greeting card envelopes I had stashed away as well as some purchased from various stores. The box was just the right size to hold two stacks of envelopes so I was able to fit a lot of love into a very small space!

I tried to think of as many different scenarios as possible so this could really get A through most of his time away. There’s even a card from B mixed in here somewhere.

My hands down favorite envelope is the “open when you need to hear my voice” one.  I purchased a small tape recorder (although there wasn’t actually a tape…apparently they don’t make those anymore…I feel old) and recorded a message for A to play when he gets lonely. I even goaded B into barking in the background.  If that’s not an accurate taste of home, I don’t know what is!

I’m sharing the wealth today and offering up some suggestions for your next “open when” care package!

  • Open when you’re bored: small deck of cards, puzzle books, games, etc.
  • Open when you need to smile: a book of jokes, funny pictures
  • Open when you need some motivation: I used some hilariously sarcastic ecards! You could also include an encouraging letter or some pump up jams.
  • Open when you need a kiss: Hershey kisses or a card covered in lipstick lip prints!
  • Open when you’re frustrated: calming tea, bubble wrap to pop, a CD of soothing sounds
  • Open when you miss your family: pictures of the family, including aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.

What other ideas do you have?

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