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Blog Takeover: Interview with A

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter yesterday! Since A was a pretty captive audience on our drive Friday, I thought it was the perfect time to ask him some hard-hitting questions all of my readers have been dying to have answered.

That is what 8 rounds of “Peter Cottontail” does to a man. It’s not pretty.

Me: What’s your favorite part of being married?

A: In one word, companionship.

Me: Can you give it to me in more than one word?

A: Sure. I like having someone to people watch with, go to concerts with.  Someone to laugh at my jokes and who thinks all the same things are silly. Is that enough words?

Me: That will work. I like people watching with you too.  What’s your favorite TV show right now?

A: Suits is pretty good.

Me: And who picked it?

A: You did.

Me: And that was my second successful TV show pick in a row, correct?

A: Yes.

Me: Lawyered!

A: I don’t think that’s how that works.

Me: What are you thinking about right now?

A: Getting out of this car. (Just kidding y’all, he didn’t say that. He may have thought it, but he didn’t say it. He actually didn’t say anything.)

Me: You’re thinking about nothing aren’t you?

A: Yup.

Me: How do men do that?

A: It’s a talent I guess.

Me: What’s the best thing you made recently?

A: I think I really did a good job on that booze blossom thing.

Me: You mean the booze bouquet (similar) for Katie’s bachelorette?

A: Yeah. I mean thinking back I know I could have made it better.  I could have added some more rings and a few spikes to keep the bottles from spinning around.

Me: Ok that’s probably more intense than it needed to be. Spikes sound a little scary.  How about the best food you’ve made recently?

A: Oh I think it has to be the fajitas I’ve been making on the grill lately. You seem to like them.

Me: Meh. They’re ok. (So what if I ate them like I’d never seen food before?)

A: Alright. Whatever you have to tell yourself.

Me: I don’t have to tell myself anything. Silence. Here comes Peter Cottontail…

A: Oh please make it stop.

Me: Tee hee.

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