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Blog Takeover: B’s Turn

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’m taking the day off blogging today, but I’m leaving you in completely capable hands…err paws.  B has been complaining for some time that I just use him for blog eye candy instead of giving him the credit he deserves. So I’m letting him take over today! Enjoy! 

‘Sup. You can call me B. Or Wiggles. Or Wigglebutt. Or Crazy Pants. All have been used to refer to me and my owners wonder why I don’t come when I’m called.

Ok so it’s probably because I don’t want to, but let’s keep them thinking it’s because I am confused. Shhh.

My mom doesn’t blog about me nearly enough: it’s always craft this or cupcake that or look at where we went without B this time. I’m not ok with them leaving me with Nana when they go places, by the way. Nana makes me sleep on the floor. LIKE A DOG!

Instead, I get left at Nana’s and miss out on all the excitement. And then how do they repay me? By forcing me to wear silly costumes and posing for selfies.  I mean come on. How can anyone take me seriously dressed like this?

Although that one was kind of warm and cozy. I like having hoods, minus the little fuzzy ball at the top. What good does it do when she won’t even let me chew on it?!

Frankly, I don’t think mom lets me chew on enough stuff or gives me enough food. I am hungry roughly 4,578,598,323,123 times a day, but I only get to eat three times a day. Um, mom? It’s hard work being this cute. And it takes food to maintain my shiny coat, adorable face and sparkling personality. Specifically, “people food” or as I like to call it “anything other than these dried pebbles you keep giving me”.

But according to my mom, I can’t have people food because it upsets my stomach. I’d like to point out that no one forces her to eat dog food every time she eats a ton of pizza and ends up regretting it. Oh. I don’t think I was supposed to say that. Whoops.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go destroy this brand new toy my mom got me because it was “cute”. I’ll show you cute.  I’m about to terrorize this thing and spread its stuffing all over the house. Why? Just.Because.I.Can.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is B’s first blog post. He’s sharing it with Erin today!

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