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Wedding Wednesday: Walk Down the Aisle

I was not nervous on my wedding day at all. I was confident in my choice to marry A and I was so over the entire planning process that I was thrilled to hand all the details to someone else.  I was just ready to be married!

Of course all of my calmness went right out the window when the venue coordinator came to tell me it was actually time to go downstairs! I instantly got super nervous and really emotional.  And then when I saw my dad waiting for me? I was thisclose to losing it which you can totally see in the first photo.

But my dad told me to take a deep breath and that everything was going to be ok and I rebounded. We set off on our walk to the ceremony site and he kept me calm (mostly by telling me silly jokes) the entire way.  I am so thankful for him doing that because I would have been a complete mess otherwise!

AJ Dunlap Photography

Truth be told, I think my dad and I were both trying really hard not to cry here.  We’re not pretty criers so there was a legit reason.

AJ Dunlap Photography

We all took the same route to the ceremony site, but I think the guys had an easier time navigating the narrow path without the added burden of a long dress! Oh and yes, our chaplain really was that tall. It made for some very interesting photos later in the day.

All the guys and bridesmaids walked out to Aston’s instrumental version of Someone Like You

AJ Dunlap Photography

This is the absolute best photo of A! He looks so stinking handsome and happy.  I mean seriously. I just want to kiss his face.

AJ Dunlap Photography

This is an absolutely stunning photo and the one I had blown up for my dad.  It’s also about the same time my dad told me not to fall into the pond because then he’d go in after me and his suit was too nice to ruin.  That’s right. The man has jokes.

I remember trying to see around everything to find A standing under the tree because I needed to see him to feel really comfortable. I think this is about where I saw him for the first time, but I still couldn’t let go of my coordinating nature.  I told my dad to slow down until they changed the music for me! Once a control freak, always a control freak.

AJ Dunlap Photography

See here A looks all happy and enthralled by watching me walk down the aisle.  But in reality, he’d been joking with his boys about 5 seconds before this because he didn’t even realize I was coming down!

AJ Dunlap Photography

My dad and I are both so uncomfortable being the center of attention that I am not at all surprised there are quite a few photos of us looking at the ground.  We were also really worried about tripping over everything. Did I mention we’re a little clumsy as well?

John Legend’s All of Me played as I made my way to A.

AJ Dunlap Photography

I had to re-share this one again this week because it’s such a favorite of mine. Apparently, it’s a good thing I’m so short or my photographer wouldn’t have been able to get this shot.  You’re welcome, A.J.!

Coming up next week: we get married!

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