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Book Review: Fully Alive

Happy Monday! After a crazy week at work, I took a much needed staycation on my sofa for most of the weekend which was just the right amount of time to finish my next 15 in 2015 book.

The Special Olympics movement is very close to my heart, so I picked up Tim Shriver’s Fully Alive with great expectations.  And while it did not disappoint, it was definitely different than I thought it would be. I assumed it would be sort of tell all about the founding and growth of the organization, with some colorful Kennedy family anecdotes thrown in for good measure.

Instead, it was more of the story of Tim Shriver’s journey to self-discovery and religion, with Special Olympics as the backdrop for his lifespan.  As the organization grew and evolved, so did he, although not always hand-in-hand.

I really and truly enjoyed hearing about the process he went through to become him. It’s hard to put into words, but I know I struggle with figuring out who I am and how I fit it (to families, to society, to work) and I like to know that people I look up to go through a similar process.  It is reassuring to read that the leader of a worldwide movement has also doubted his place in life and has to continuously re-examine things.

But of course, I gravitated towards the chapters that shared the stories of the athletes who’d inspired Tim.  Some of them made me laugh, most of them made me cry, and all of them left me with an even deeper love for Special Olympics and all that it’s done, not just for the athletes, but for me.

I can definitely see myself going back to certain chapters through the years when I’m in need of a little inspiration.

Do you have a favorite inspirational book? Share your suggestions in the comments!

Up next on my list is The Receptionist by Janet Groth.

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