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Wedding Wednesday: Our (Fake) First Look

To see or not to see, that is the question.

A and I debated back and forth quite a bit if we wanted to see each other before the ceremony.  Growing up, I thought I would definitely go the traditional route, but after seeing so many great first look photos, I was kind of torn! Knowing that I would be happy either way, I left it up to A and he picked the traditional option.

But…I really wanted to be able to talk to him before the ceremony. I knew he’d calm any crazy bad nerves I had and I kind of wanted some last photos of us before we were husband and wife. That’s how we ended up with the fake first look concept!

AJ Dunlap Photography

Look at those happy smiles! I can say with absolute certainty that those smiles were on our faces the entire day.

AJ Dunlap Photography

Holding A’s hand instantly settled the butterflies in my stomach, but it also made me miss him even more. It took every ounce of strength I had in me to not step around the corner and hug him.

AJ Dunlap Photography

It was really important to me that we exchange notes to each other. I have visions of bringing them out for our children and grandchildren as part of our love story. And yes, I picked out the cards because they would look good in photos. I left nothing to chance.

AJ Dunlap Photography
AJ Dunlap Photography

This is my being entirely too pleased with myself as A opened my present to him. A guitar pick that said “I’d pick you every time” was way too cheesy to pass up.

After all the photos were taken, our photographers let us have a little time to ourselves to talk. Sadly, the house was a little chaotic at that point so it wasn’t quite as intimate as I would have liked, but it still helped us both calm down.

Ultimately, I was thrilled that we waited to see each other until the ceremony, but still have these photos to capture our excitement before the ceremony.

Did you see each other before the walk down the aisle? Or did you wait it out?

Coming up next week: oodles of ceremony details.
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