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Getting My Next Fashion Fix: Stitch Fix Recap #3

Christmas came a little early this year when my December Stitch Fix arrived on Christmas Eve! The first two fixes have been dead on, but this one just didn’t nail it the way I’ve grown used to.

Item 1: Sandra Abstract Print Infinity Scarf. Oh I so wish I could have kept this scarf. It was so soft and I had about a million things I could have worn it with, but sadly, it was made of wool.  Unless I wanted a very red and itchy neck, it had to go back.

Item 2: Rikki Gathered Waist Striped Dress. Hm. This was an example of something that looked better on the hanger than on me. The stripes seemed to accentuate the spots of my body I’d like to hide and as the most expensive item in my Fix, I couldn’t see myself wearing it enough to justify the price.

Item 3: Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top.  I really really really liked this shirt, but it was too big. It’s designed to be blousy, but it just looked boxy.

Item 4: Yasmin Skinny Jean. Again, these pants had a lot of promise (they have an elastic waistband!), but the fit was just a bit off (read: above the butt waistband gap). Goodbye, comfiest pants in the world.

Item 5: Marquis V-Neck Sweater. I LOVE this sweater. So soft and comfortable.  Plus the neutral color will go with anything.  I kept this bad boy and can’t wait to wear it!

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