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European Honeymoon Recap: London

Oh.my.goodness.y’all.  Can I re-live the past 12 days one more time? Please? Between our wedding and honeymoon, A and I have had the best time lately and I’m not sure we could have hoped for things to go more perfectly.  But everything went by so quickly that I want to go back and soak it up a little bit more!

I’ll share plenty of wedding details and photos in the coming weeks, but wanted to record our honeymoon travels while they were still fresh in my mind.  Thanks to a fantastic LivingSocial deal, A and I were able to take the honeymoon of a lifetime.  Seriously, if you’ve never bought one of their travel deals, please try it.  That may be how I book all of our vacations from now on!

We came, we saw, we ate and we conquered three fantastic cities (London, Rome and Barcelona).  I’m not sure I could pick a favorite place because I loved each one for a unique set of reasons.  First up, London!

Our first day in London was much longer than expected when we found ourselves with about 8 hours to kill before we could check into the hotel. And shower. And sleep.  With map and guidebook still in our suitcase (we used Rick Steves’ Pocket books for all three cities), we headed out to explore the area by randomly picking directions to travel.

Kensington Gardens ended up being our first destination and it was perfect.  I got to ooh and aah over all the dogs that were out running around, faced a serious fear of birds at an excessively large hell hole pond and got to see where William and Kate live!

I am sure the royal family was out of town and are sad to have missed our visit.  But seriously, how gorgeous is that photo?

As exciting as being in close proximity to my own personal style icon was, my favorite sight of the day was this memorial to Prince Albert.  I could have stayed there for hours photographing each little detail.  I actually may have taken an obscene number of photos of the fence alone in the short time we were there.

After what amounted to about 13 miles of walking, A and I crashed at the hotel, only stirring long enough to eat quite possibly the best meal of our London adventure.  The fish and chips pictured above may have been A’s favorite part of the entire trip.

Our second day saw some hardcore sightseeing courtesy of a fantastic bus tour from The Original London Sightseeing Tour. I highly recommend them!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Tower of London and highly recommend the 1 hour guided tour from one of the Yeomen Warders (or Beefeaters). It’s free with your admission, really entertaining and informative.

Sadly, by the time we got to Buckingham Palace, it was too late to take the tour, but I did get to snap a few photos and shop in the official gift shop.  Next time around, tea with the Queen, clearly.

Thanks to a spur of the moment decision, I can say my first time ice skating was in London at Somerset House on my honeymoon and I only fell once. I was also only an hour or so away from being a pro, don’t let the look of panic on my face fool you.

We got a whole new perspective of London when we rode the London Eye, quite possibly the tourist-y thing we did the whole trip. But it was so cool to be able to find the places we’d spent the previous days visiting.

We capped off our time in London with The Lion King at the Lyceum Theater.  The show was fantastic!

Oh and here’s my obligatory London phone booth photo.

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