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Christmas Recap

Y’all. Christmas hangovers are a very real thing. I’m not sure if it’s the cookies or the large amounts of food or just the crash that follows that much excitement, but I’ve been nursing a massive Christmas hangover for the past few days.  As in, I wish it was Christmas all over again.  For realzies.

A and I hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our house.  In my family, it’s a tradition to have the big meal on Christmas Day and just do appetizers on Christmas Eve.  It doesn’t mean you eat less food or there’s less work, but it’s one of my favorite holiday traditions.


I decorated all of the cookies by hand.  It’s a good thing the recipe made a huge number because I messed up quite a few. And then ate some more.

After waking up super early for a day off (I may actually only be 6 years old on the inside), A and I opened our presents to each other.

B helped speed the process along, up until he opened his present from Santa. And then once T got hers, all bets were off.


Santa was very good to those two this year.  In fact, the big guy was good to us all.  I got some amazing Tory Burch boots that I plan on wearing all.the.time and A surprised me with a weekend trip to the Biltmore in a few weeks!

Y’all. That’s my husband reading a Christmas card from his wife. While wearing his Christmas scarf.  This is never going to get old.

We spent Christmas Day with my parents and this little guy, who was exhausted from all the cheer and present opening.

My mom outdid herself with presents and food all day long, while the rest of us were almost completely useless and played a large number of board games and took selfies in front of the tree.


I am still so full of happiness and love and Christmas cheer. And cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. We had the best first Christmas as husband and wife and it made me look forward to many, many more to come!

I hope your day was equally fantastic!

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