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Wedding Day Thoughts

Oh.my.goodness. It’s finally/already wedding day! There are so many thoughts rushing through my mind that I’m not sure I can even share them all.

Via AJ Dunlap

I cannot wait to walk down the aisle and see A. Every time I picture that moment, I get a stomach full of butterflies.

I am so excited to dance the night away with family and friends. I’m also really excited to eat a mini cupcake or five.

I am so happy that all the planning is finally done, but hope that I can give control over to someone else!

I know that today will go by quickly so I hope that I am present and enjoy each moment for what it is: a unique and lasting memory.

Most importantly, I am so ready to marry A and become his wife. We are going to have an amazing life full of laughs, love and adventures together. Let’s get this party started!

Via AJ Dunlap

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