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Happy birthday, B!

That little adorable face is turning 2 today! I can’t really remember what life was like before he barked my ear off lit up my life. In honor of his big day, I’m sharing 10 things you may not know about B.

  1. He’s scared to death of fireworks, but doesn’t bat an eye at thunderstorms.
  2. He is less than 6 inches tall, but will protect his people with the ferocity of a pit bull.
  3. He is always hungry.  I swear to you, he’d weigh 400 pounds if I let him have his way.
  4. On either side of his head right in front of his ears, he has a little spot where his hair has thinned. It matches his grumpy, old man persona.
  5. It took B almost 3 months to warm up to A, but now, they’re snuggle buddies.
  6. On the rare occasion that T isn’t home when B gets home, he searches all over for her.
  7. His toes smell like Fritos.
  8. When I put clothes on him, he pretends he can’t walk until I take them off.
  9. When he was a baby, he used to sleep draped across my throat.
  10. He once licked my eyelid to wake me up.

B is my ever present companion and provides more entertainment than any one 12 pound creature should. Can’t wait to spoil him (even more than normal)!<

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