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DIY $15 Guestbook

I will not claim to be an expert wedding budget maker, but I’d like to think that I am doing my part to keep costs in check during the #bestdayever planning process.

One of the main ways I did that was to DIY as much as I could. I painted banners and signs, we are doing all the flower arrangements, I put together much of the decor myself, etc. One of my many DIY projects was our super inexpensive guestbook!

I had a lot of different ideas, but finally settled on this:

It could not have been easier or faster to put together! I found the frame on mega-clearance for only $10.  Luckily the color was similar to wood tones we have in the house, but it would have been super easy to repaint the frame.

For the images, I had the option of taking my own or using free ones online. I went with the most time efficient option especially since I found the perfect photos online. This website is the mother of all free images to create signs just like this.  Hello time and sanity savings!

I converted them to black and white before printing them just to keep the colors as neutral as possible for use in whatever room I choose later on.  And then Shutterfly printed them for maybe $3 total.  And then boom. Super adorable and inexpensive guestbook that I will actually display in my home instead of hiding it away in a box somewhere!

Folks will sign the mat throughout the wedding and I can’t wait to see what everyone writes!

Wedding Wednesday

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