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Care Package Flashback #5

All good things must come to an end and this series is no exception.  The good news is that we’re quickly approaching wedding time which means I’ll be sharing quite a few wedding details and possibly some actual engagement and wedding photos!

This is a theme that I may reuse in future deployments because I’m always finding new reasons to love A.

This box featured small envelopes on the flaps with cards in them sharing longer reasons I love A. Then each item had a post-it on it that had a reason related to the item itself.  For example, the comb said “you care about your appearance, but don’t take longer than me to get ready!”

Other items included gum, beef jerky, Starbucks espresso drinks and a few cards.

I’ve enjoyed sharing these with you! I promise next time around, I will do these in real time and have better pictures and lists of items!

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