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Care Package Flashback #4

This week’s care package was meant to be the very last one I sent to A, but he ended up having to stay longer. To be honest,  I feel kind of cheated out of the awesomeness of this theme so I’m especially excited to share it with you!

Obviously, everything in the box had an orange theme to it.  Goldfish crackers, orange Gatorade, a box of Emergen-C, an orange Mio…if it was orange or came in a predominantly orange package, it went in that box.  I even found an “I miss you” card with an orange envelope!

And a gratuitous B and T shot.  When they weren’t walking on the paper or getting hair on the tape or drooling on things or trying to eat stuff, this is how they approached care package time. Yes, B is sticking his tongue out.

Adorable, right?

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