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Care Package Flashback #3

Can you believe we’re already in our third week of the Care Package Flashback series? I wish the actual deployment had flown by this quickly!

We’re taking a look back at possibly one of my favorite care packages of the deployment, the Big Bang-themed care package.  A and I watch the show pretty regularly and it’s full of such great lines that I knew I was going to use this idea as soon as possible.

I did some brainstorming about which items I would like to include, taking into account A’s requests, and then tried to refine that list based on Big Bang quotes found here.  Seriously, this site was a care package saver!

Then each item got wrapped in brown butcher paper, which I will definitely use in future care packages and the corresponding quote was written on the paper.  A loved it!  The jokes made him laugh and he said unwrapping everything made it feel like Christmas.  That made all the time I spent fending off the dogs and picking T’s hair off the tape worth it.

Some things that were included: beef jerky, granola bars, magazines and nuts.

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