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Care Package Flashback #2

Happy Wednesday! I am two days away from a long weekend and boy does that realization feel good. Working 29 days out of the past 31 has begun to get to me a little bit so I am very much looking forward to having a day to myself and my wedding to-do list.

In honor of my mini-vacation, here’s the mini-themed care package I sent to A.  Now, my first desire was to send a physically mini care package, but I quickly got carried away with my love of mini things and I ended up sending a normal-sized box.  Oh well, thank goodness for the flat rate boxes through the USPS.

Included in this box were mini Nilla wafers to go with a set of mini Nutella cups and mini peanut butter cups, a mini bag of popcorn, mini stacks of Ritz crackers, mini chap-sticks, a mini box of Altoids, a mini football and (my favorite item) a mini day in the life of us book.

For the day in the life book, I took pictures throughout my day: me feeding the dogs, me putting on make-up, me at work, me eating dinner, etc.  Then I printed and pasted them into a small book with a story to go with them.  To top it all off, I included paper cutouts designed to look like me, B and T. A loved it and said he read it multiple times during his time there.  I can’t wait to do one when there are children to include!

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