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Care Package Flashback #1

I used a lot of things to get me through our first deployment including countdown apps, a super busy home cleaning plan and binge watching The Amazing Race every night until I fell asleep.  But perhaps the best one was sending A care packages.  I sent so many that the owner of the local PostNet knew who I was by the end of July.

There was just something about putting them together and sending them off, knowing that no matter what work was like, A was going to have a little bit of home waiting for him in 10-14 days.  It made me feel better knowing that I was doing a little something to make him feel better.

Each care package had a unique theme that would dictate some of the items included in it, but there were always staple items A requested each time. Nutella and fitness magazines seemed to be the biggest (and most counterproductive) hits.

About a month into the deployment, I was hard at work on a fitness-themed care package when A called to ask me to send him soap and toothpaste because apparently there was a shortage of supplies where he was. Knowing how very infrequently A asks for anything clued me in that odds are other folks were starting to get a little ripe so I put the call out to some co-workers who knew A well.

While I waited for folks to send in supplies, I transformed my fitness-themed care package to a fitness and hygiene themed one!

Some items included: Gatorade, lots of nuts, Gatorade energy chews, his favorite luxury shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, soap, toothpaste, granola bars and some fitness magazines.  I knew A would be clean and well taken care of, but what about all his co-workers? I shouldn’t have worried. My co-workers and friends came through big time, sending 3 huge boxes overseas.

Just in case you were wondering, the above photo is of 26 tubes of toothpaste, 10 bottles of mouthwash, 6 containers of shaving cream, 54 containers of lotion, 12 sticks of deodorant, 19 packages of baby wipes, 27 bottles of shampoo/conditioner, 33 toothbrushes and 20 bars of soap.

I did not have to send A any toiletries for the rest of his deployment. 🙂

I’m hoping to share one Care Package Flashback a week until we’re all caught up! Stay tuned for more!

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