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Deployment Bucket List

Well…it’s official. A and I are facing our first deployment together. To say I am less than pleased with it would be an understatement – yes, there was full on ugly crying. But there really is nothing I can do about it (apparently cookies and strongly worded letters are not appropriate negotiation tactics…who knew?) so I am determined t to make the most of the time he’s gone.  That leads me to my very first Deployment Bucket List!

1. Try 10 new recipes – can you say #OperationCookbookCompletion double whammy?
2. Stick to my workout schedule
3. Spring clean and organize the whole house
4. Paint the half bathroom
5. Complete the master and guest bedroom headboard projects
6. Host a girls’ weekend
7. Take a photography class
8. Read a book a month
9. Take a mini mental health staycation
10. Perform 10 random acts of kindness.

There are probably half a dozen other things I could add to this list, but I have roughly 9 more of these to get through so let’s save some.

I truly hope staying busy will make the time fly by because it already feels as if he’s been gone far too long.  It’s still so strange to me how quickly and effortlessly someone became such an important part of my life.  So I’ll work on checking items off my bucket list, but until then, time has my permission to fly.

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