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Care Package #2: You’re the Cheese to My Macaroni

(Note-this post is a little delayed, but I prefer to think of it as getting better with age!)

There are very few things in life I enjoy more than a bad pun. I consider them downright punderful…get it? Sorry. I’m stopping. A has quickly learned this lesson and thanks to a last minute request, so has an entire PostNet store.

A few weeks into his course, A called to ask me to mail him his lucky shirt which I translated into “send me a bunch of stuff with ridiculous sayings on them”. I’m sure that’s what he REALLY meant. The following ensued:

Please note that he does actually like all of the food pictured above, but I’d be lying if I said that my purchasing choices weren’t slightly influenced by what puns I wanted to make.  My favorite may be the Nutella one-every time I read it, it sounds even more and more cheesy.

The key was to send all easy to eat, shelf stable things that wouldn’t melt or get crushed. I took a risk with the chocolate candy (hence the ziploc baggies), but they made it to Arizona just fine.  But I’ll likely leave them out when sending stuff overseas.  His favorite were the Nutella on the go cups and he specifically asked for more in the future. 

Packing list:
Baby Ruths
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Nutella on the go cups
Trail mix (sans raisins per his request)
Mio energy (another favorite of his, but very pricey so he only gets one at a time)
Honey Roasted Almonds
Mini-coffee (World Market sells these little bags and I’ve seen similar stuff at some grocery stores)
Microwavable Soup
Mac and Cheese

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